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e-mail me at or

I read English, Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese. I write in English, Spanish, and a bit of the other 3.

To talk: Skype, Zoom, Meet, WhatsApp I can talk in English, Spanish, Italian, French.


I have a wide variety of technical skills to offer as freelance jobs. Currently I do these jobs as side hustles, so I’m quite selective on what jobs I take.

Charges depend on various aspects, and I sometimes take small jobs even for free when they are of great interest to me or if I can become coauthor in an eventual publication or patent. In some cases I even leave the pay up to a user-defined tip.

Therefore, always do write to propose me jobs, even if you think they might be expensive.

Here are some of the kinds of jobs I can do for you, with concrete examples:

* Programming, especially of online web apps i.e. applications that run directly as web pages. For example, among recent works, two readers of this article I wrote about getting cryptocurrency data in web browsers paid me to develop specific versions of one of these programs to fit their needs.

* Basic programming of websites just like this personal website here (I’m no web designer, so I keep it cheap!).

* Molecular data analysis, graphics, reports, evaluations, etc. backed up by 2 decades of work on chemical biology, biotechnology, computing and bioinformatics in the wet lab and in computers, as attested by my peer-reviewed scientific publications.

* Computational modeling of the structures of biological systems, especially proteins and their complexes, also backed up by years of research in the field. Including hands-on experience with AlphaFold, which I assessed for CASP13.

* Protein design especially seeking for stabilizing variants, using own software tools. Examples include assisting a private company with the development of stabilized enzymes for biotechnology, academic works like this one building a chimeric protein to stabilize elements of an eukaryotic version onto a thermostable core, or another analyzing a database of experimentally determined effects of mutation on protein thermal stability.

* Science/technology outreach + educational/communication articles with the unique view that a scientist can offer and spanning from rather technical articles to broader-reach stories. Some examples here about AlphaFoldhere about the Critical Assessment of Structure Predictionhere on the role of computer modeling to help experimental science, and here about novel technologies for education including also cases of commodity augmented reality tools for education here and also here.

* Evaluation of projects in the domains of biotechnology and bioinformatics, currently participating as grant proposal reviewer for the national science agencies of Argentina, France, and Switzerland and for tens of renown peer-reviewed journals around the world.

* Photography, especially of nature, as awarded with a top in . Examples hereherehere and here, all photostories with actual content besides featuring nice photoshoots:

* One-on-one online teaching especially of university-level chemistry, physics, maths, biology, biotechnology, and programming. Vast experience as I was a teacher at for years.

* Presentations (live or online)  about tools I’ve developed such as moleculARweb, and about other tools such as various programs for molecular modeling and simulations (AlphaFold, Charmm-gui, homology modeling servers, etc.)