Teaching, Lecturing, Presentations

I offer online or in-site presentations about modern research, science and technology, and also about the tools and products developed as part of my work, for example about our website for chemistry education using augmented reality, moleculARweb, or about writing chatbots using ChatGPT-like methods or web apps that implemented language models to assist you in various ways.

Online or in person, I can teach you or lecture for you on lots of topics…

  • Molecular modeling including CASP and AlphaFold 2
  • Using our websites such as MoleculARweb and MolecularWebXR
  • Protein design and engineering
  • Structural Biology
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) for biology
  • Introductory programming, especially with JavaScript hence for the web, and kept at a very simple level
  • Technology and science in society
  • Scientific and technical writing

And more… just reach out to me to find out!

I’ve been a teacher and instructor, online and in person, for almost 20 years now.

Contact me to arrange that I offer you or your audience an online or in-site presentation or demo, or to bring me to your discussion panel or podcast interview!