About me

I’m a scientist, technologist, and content creator. A “technology integrator”, I’d say.

I studied biotechnology and got a PhD in chemistry (actually on a very biological chemistry). I’m a nature lover, gardener, and hiker. Also an amateur programmer, advocating for JavaScript and all tech useful to program for web browsers.

Currently, I study biological systems at the atomic level by doing experiments in the wet lab and simulations in computers… the latter with tools like AlphaFold, whose first version I evaluated for CASP, and through Augmented and Virtual Reality programs whose development I guide.

I also explore and develop technologies for science education and for concurrent, immersive work on the web. I believe in the future of VR to assist humans in learning, teaching, and doing science. #ScienceInTheMetaverse

As freelance work I create content and software on disparate fields that together constitute the “LucianoSphere“, as in my Medium handle: https://lucianosphere.medium.com/ You’ll find photography, digital art, programming, cryptos, data science, writing on science and technology and even some fiction

As all humans to different extents, I have an artistic face too: amateur writer, guitar and drums student, beginner photographer and virtual artist.

Check here how many private and academic institutions have trusted my work over the years.