Love and hate stories about Brave -right now my preferred web browser

Using Brave with MetaMask to learn about the Ethereum blockchain:

Using Brave to navigate the internet without getting mad at advertisements:

Complaining that Brave pays but way too little:

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Two articles on how to easily retrieve historical crypto data with minimal web programming

Articles describing how to obtain historical and real-time crypto data from two data providers using their free APIs and very simple web programming.

Obtaining historical and real-time crypto data with very simple web programming
Obtain Unlimited Historical Crypto Data through Simple Web Code -no API Keys

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Welcome to my new website!

Welcome to my new website on the personalized domain

Who am I?
I’m a a scientist, technologist, and content creator. Studied biotechnology and chemistry, self-taught programmer since 13 y.o. Web programming + web AR/VR advocate, somewhat of an artist like all humans.
Do contact me to propose projects or custom jobs. Also to propose yourself for jobs and stages!

A new website, now with a custom domain,
to gather and manage all my online presence.
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