Over one year of AlphaFold 2 free for everyone to use and of the revolution it triggered in biology

An article covering confident prediction of protein structures, their interactions with other biomolecules, and even protein design, all now at everybody’s reach thanks to the revolution started by Deepmind. Via https://medium.com/advances-in-biological-science/over-one-year-of-alphafold-2-free-for-everyone-to-use-and-of-the-revolution-it-triggered-in-biology-f12cac8c88c6

– Introduction
– Democratizing the use of AlphaFold 2 and new adaptations of it
– What’s next
– Protein language models
– Pre-made databases of structural models built with these modern tools
– Unexpected things that AlphaFold 2 seems to be able to do
– Further reads on the topic and on broader structural biology

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Web-based multiuser VR for fluent interactive collaboration and work

Check this blog post we wrote about our multiuser web-based VR tools that help connect students, teachers and researchers inside virtual worlds to discuss on virtual objects -here molecules that they can grab, move, zoom, and even deform with realistic physics, using just their hands and available everywhere thanks to #webxr. An article with plenty of examples in videos and photographs of actual users engaged with the tool. We are making science fiction reality!
Via https://medium.com/geekculture/web-based-multiuser-vr-for-seamless-interactive-collaboration-and-work-8bd9272e6b06

Multiuser VR. The blue person is here explaining to the four attendees of this VR presentation some aspects of the protein structure his group developed (cartoons in the center of the scene). All participants can freely move around the VR hall, and each can manipulate the protein structures one at a time to move or scale them at will -which all other participants see happening in real time. This and all other figures, tweets and videos shown in this article were produced by the authors from their own software.
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All my peer-reviewed and blog articles on protein modeling, CASP, and AlphaFold

I compiled all my peer-reviewed articles (some papers, a couple of reviews, one opinion) and blog entries about modeling proteins without templates, the best tool out there so far (AlphaFold 2), and the contest on structure prediction that positioned its developer Deepmind at the top (CASP).

You can see all these articles here.

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